Overnight Doggy Daycare

If you’re looking for a reliable pet sitter while you are at work, in the DFW or surrounding areas, come to Hackberry Creek Dog Sitting. In order to ensure we provide your pet with the best care possible, we will take the time to communicate with you regarding any special routines, eating patterns, or behaviors we need to accommodate. Call today to schedule your meeting with your pet and Glenda in the DFW

Dog Sitting

Here at Hackberry Creek Dog Sitting, we specialize in the best care of dogs. Our dog sitting services include walking, scheduled feeding, applying medication, and any other requests you may have can also be discussed. Unfortunately, because we don’t have the appropriate space to ensure comfort, we do not accept dogs bigger than 40 lbs. Give us a call today to schedule your dog sitting service in Dallas, TX. 

Doggy Hotel

We strive to create a safe, fun, and comfortable space for all types of dogs to enjoy. When you go out on vacation, we’ll give you the comfort of knowing that your furry companion is on a getaway of his or her own. Our doggy hotel services include individualized attention and regular playtime to ensure that your pet never feels alone or neglected. Contact us to learn more about our doggy hotel in the DFW area or to schedule an appointment with us today.